Much of John’s recent work has focused on his areas of research around hybrid and hertzian spaces. John has also been engaged in an phenomenological exploration of media, in particular, sound and light and is interested in perception.

As described by James Turrell, “You’re not receiving perceptions, but creating them . . . You’re not only looking at a painting or a work of art, but looking at yourself perceiving.”


Music. Sound. Art.

“My job as an artist is to compose elements. Composition is the key. So any elements, which are brushed up carefully, are the subjects to be composed. I compose sounds. I compose visuals. I compose materials. I can’t put, or analyze, myself in the context of something between art and music; I am naturally doing what I am doing.”

-Ryoji Ikeda

Not unlike Ryoji Ikeda, this blurring of art and music is more reflected in John’s curret research. “Both art forms and their languages allow me to create work that is true to my background in drawing, painting, music, and theatre. It is challenging to unpack how you live and create more simply than Ikeda does here.”

Images and audio of install of Lines of Light Receding (2016)

Audio best heard in this space or on headphones while online.

Participants are invited to sit or stand to experience the light and sound.

Attendees in the space during the opening.






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